International Art Retreats

Our retreats provide a wonderful week where you can learn or improve your painting in relaxed, fun and informative sessions tutored by a professional, exhibiting artist; and to open up your passion for, and ability to really see (through drawing and painting) the country that we travel to.

We build in other cultural delights – fine food made with the best local produce and/or cooking classes and winery tours; art and architecture and their history; temple or local ceremonies and festivals etc; according to the location and what we consider to be the best experiences for culturally aware and interested travellers. Our tours are always advised by educated and passionate Westerners who live, or spend large amounts of time, in the selected retreat countries.

As well as our retreats in Bali and Umbria, Italy; Rajasthan, India and Burgundy, France planning is underway for retreats in Sicily and perhaps Turkey after that. Register your interest now!

Here’s a short video discussing the upcoming India (February 2017) and Burgindy (June 2017) Retreats. Not very flattering lighting but informative :))

“The program was great. Be even better if we all had a month there, but considering it was a week there was a good balance of being immersed in Umbria (from our villa in the hills to day trips to various quaint and gorgeous hill top towns). It felt like we were a part of that landscape for a week as opposed to just breezing through it. There was plenty of opportunity to observe and sketch our surroundings, around the villa and on location. I loved just sitting in an ancient square and sketching the crowd around a fountain and a busy market place. We also had a few longer stints to break out the paints. I particularly enjoyed the afternoon in the villa just painting the view that surrounded me, it felt like I was in my own studio in Umbria. I also enjoyed the chicken that came to watch me paint while doing a little landscape scene from the walls of Assisi (the spirit of St Francis was with me)”

Danielle, New York, USA

“Lovely venue, relaxing and laid back tuition and a great immersion into everyday Bali. I’ll be thinking and dreaming about it for a while and hopefully will produce some work to reflect this.”

Karen, Hunters Hill

“An extraordinary life changing experience_for the budding artist with an open heart and mind” (Umbria)

Yen, Nedlands, WA

“Thanks again for a wonderful week! I loved every minute” (Bali)

Judith, Grafton

“[Enjoyed] sketching in a different environment and appreciated Gabrielle’s enthusiasm and coaching”.(Umbria)

Peter, Beecroft, NSW

“My wife and I had a jolly good time in Bali. We came back very refreshed. It was just what I needed an eye opening in a total different culture and atmosphere. The tutor was very relaxed, no pressure and we had a good time after the painting sessions….I will definitely come back.”

Gerard, Highgate, South Australia

“Really enjoyed the early morning walks in the rice paddies and the evening meal selections were excellent….Enjoyed the program, activities and company. The week was very well organised – just not long enough!…A blissful creative adventure in an inspiring environment”

Pam, Annandale, Sydney

“(a highlight was) the opportunity to share and paint with others with common interests from New York and Perth. (The retreat was) well planned, (with)attention to detail, great food, and opportunity to sketch- Bravo! Met new friends- fun bunch. (Overall) thoroughly enjoyable and informative” (Umbria)

Janet, Birchgrove, NSW

“Overall the week was a great little journey of surprises! People, places, food, wine, humour etc.”(Umbria)

Peta, Darlington Western Australia

“I had a great time – thanks to everyone for looking after me. Looking back, it was really good, a great place to stay, food was great …, the chance to draw and paint in so many different environments was very interesting and very funny when discussing with the locals why and what you were doing there.”(Umbria)

Lyn, Oatley, Australia


Our next retreat will be in BURGUNDY, FRANCE (art, food and wine) for June 2017, with possible retretreats in Sicily September 2018. Drop me a line so you can be the first to know the details!
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“Apart from Gabrielle I didn’t really know any of the others on the retreat, but by the end I felt like I made many great connections. We had a great bunch of people…I am so glad that I did this for myself. And that my family really enjoyed it too”.

Danielle, New York USA


Art Retreat in BURGUNDY France – 7 nights
24 June – 1 July 2017 CANCELLED

“…wine, food and the arts. Incorporating those three enhances the quality of life.”

Robert Mondavi, winemaker.

Southern Burgundy, a region of rolling hills covered in woods, vineyards and meadowland scattered with Romanesque churches and lakes, is renowned for being both unspoilt and welcoming, with its tranquility, easy-going lifestyle and unique blend of nature and culture.

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“The standard of accommodation was excellent, the meals that were included (which are often average on tours) were fantastic and plentiful to say the least. Much to everyone’s surprise and delight, fabulous local wines were even included with the meals. We had the best tour guide to show us around Umbria, and we had Gabrielle who was constantly available to teach, inspire and talk to us about our art, our creative process, as well as just art in general.”


Art & Cultural Tour to INDIA
12 days – 4-15 February 2017

“The small group was good for finding the balance [between painting and seeing the sites] and I was very inspired to paint from the photos on my return home…Loved the experience. Some wonderful surprises. Great Company

Janice, Lilyfield

“Loved the wealth of subject matter and drawing/painting opportunity in Udaipur, particularly on the hotel terrace”

Therese, Leichhardt

“Didn’t know what to expect, so it was truly amazing to see India through the eyes of artists….’Wowed’ by Rajasthan and its people and Culture! The colours are just beautiful-now captured in a number of my sketches and paintings…”Well organised, smooth and the program and locations well-chosen”

Janet, Birchgrove

Endowed with natural beauty and a great history, for many, Rajasthan is the very essence of India. Traders from as far afield as Persia and China had to cross its dry plains to reach the southern ports of Gujarat, something the warrior princes of Rajasthan were quick to capitalize on. Its crenelated forts and impregnable palaces that rise like giant fairytale sets above dusty sun-scorched plains and shimmering lakes and its ancient forts are reminders of the many kingdoms that historically vied for the region.

There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place. When I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture, by its ability to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colors, smells, tastes, and sounds…

Keith Bellows, National Geographic Society

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Register your interest now. Limited vacancies. Partners most welcome.

Art Retreat in UMBRIA Italy,
7-14 May 2016 SOLD OUT!

High in the Umbrian hills of Central Italy, housed in your own private Villa with its private pool and gardens, you will spend a week enjoying painting classes with Gabrielle, specially planned gastronomy and wine tours in Assisi, Gubbio, Perugia, Todi and other beautiful historic towns in the “green heart of Italy”… create memories to last a lifetime.

“A Highlight was The people! Great group..
• The length of time was perfect.
• Experienced and encouraging art tutor
• Very knowledgeable guide
• Location was very relaxing to enable painting / sketching etc
• Love Italy – what a great place….”

Peta, Darlington Western Australia

“Most Useful – Accessibility to tutor”

Yen, Nedlands WA
See photos from the retreat here.

Bali Retreat in Ubud – 7 days painting and drawing in Bali’s Culture capital – Sat 11th July to Sat 18th July 2015

Screenshot 2014-11-25 22.33.07

Bali-4There’ll be time to learn more about painting; interact with the local villagers; experience Bali’s culture; explore the area on bike, foot or by car; have small or group dinners at terrific local restaurants; or shop when you feel like it. The basics are covered… the advice is Australian local; the tuition is master class; the location and accommodation amongst the best in Bali; and the people you share with are just like you!
We figure we can decide as a group (according to the weather and local advice, or impromptu ceremonies, village visits etc) when to take tours and what you’d like to paint the next morning after each class. We’ll be staying in a fabulous Balinese style villa just 15 minutes from the cultural capital of Bali in Ubud, set right in the middle of rice paddies, where you can get away on your own or share with like minded people as you wish. The painting program includes daily tuition in and around the villas or at the sites of tours (as below or decided the night before). All additional events, transport, meals are at own cost to allow for those who want to indulge in all Bali has to offer. We can recommend spa treatments, good masseurs, haircuts, restaurants etc or come ready with your own research.

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