Introduction to Abstract Painting Workshop

This one day workshop for adults will guide students through basic concepts of abstract art using a still life as subject matter. Experienced tutor and professional painter of over 15 years, Ochre Lawson, will lead students through a series of abstraction exercises based on master artists to help you understand abstract compositional ideas and basic colour theory. Students will start by using willow charcoal and chalk pastel to do a series of works. These ideas will then be transferred to a canvas to continue the concepts on a larger scale exploring different brushstrokes and painterly application.

You will learn:

  • Skills in observation and simplification of form 
  • How to see line and form and break up space
  • Compositional ideas around weight of shapes
  • How to create a sense of depth in abstraction
  • Basic colour theory
  • About different brush strokes and applications of paint
  • About different abstract artists and their approach