Testimonials from our Art Students

Testimonials from our Art Students

Class testimonials

I’ve been attending Ochre’s art classes for a few years now. Over this time I’ve learnt so much about colour and composition. She’s challenged me and encouraged me, and she always has something positive to say about everyone’s work. My painting has significantly improved, and I enjoy it more too, thanks to Ochre.

Bonny, Inner West

Ochre is a wonderful teacher.  Her enthusiasm, patience, and love of expression encourages all in the class, regardless of level.

Julie, Eastern suburbs

Ochre is an outstanding teacher with a deep knowledge of art and artists. I always enjoy her classes – her lessons are fun and engaging and very varied. Ochre brings her own experience as a practising artist to inform her teaching. In her classes, whether painting or drawing, she ensures her students experience a wide range of media and materials and techniques.

She always supports her students with detailed instructions and demonstrations and then encourages the students to experiment and explore different media and subjects and ways of working. She is warm and encouraging and supportive of students at all levels, whether beginners or more experienced artists.

I have been learning from Ochre for a few years now and feel I have made considerable progress and feel more confident now to continue developing my own practice.

Amanda, Summer Hill

I’ve learned so much from Ochre – not just about the mechanics of painting but also how to look at pictures and see things differently which is still a skill that I’m working on, it’s a practice. Classes with Ochre are fun and accessible I and find it inspiring and a privilege that I am learning from an artist that I admire.

Cluny, Northern Suburbs

I have been following Ochre’s art tuition for sometime. I have always found her encouraging, enthusiastic and impressive in her ability to facilitate rather than dictate.

John, Eastern Suburbs

In Ochre’s art class I’ve learnt to observe, to appreciate perspective and composition and to experiment with texture and colour. I’ve gone from nervous novice to confident drawer. The classes are informative, fun, creative and challenging. It’s why I keep coming term after term.

Lynnette, Newtown

Had fun and learnt a lot!

Margaret, Bundanon

I like structure, and so enjoy the intro to class which addresses a particular aspect of the lesson…I am on a steep learning curve – it’s challenging, but I am motivated to continue

Katena, Birchgrove

I have met and made great friends through the class with similar interests. I would highly recommend attending classes if you have an interest in broadening your art skills.

Janice, Lilyfield

I learnt something new every time (Ria)

I would definitely miss not coming to class. I look forward to my time with other artists and the tutor

Helen, Balmain

Ria is an enjoyable, friendly and approachable teacher.

Pam, Glebe

Ria is well prepared and an excellent tutor…

Sitting in my office, little sketches scattered over my desk, felt-tip pen on lined 80gsm paper for the most part, sparked the thought that I at last am learning to paint. Not just applying paint to a support, but learning. I’m not going to quibble about time and place, however, it is in your company that this has begun to show through so I lay my developing artistic freedom fairly and squarely at your (collective) feet. To this end I thank you.

Ken, Turramurra

A delicious, diverting thought as I contemplate more changes to the pedestrian tunnels I’m drawing. Tuesdays and Thursdays are to my mind and soul as is mother’s milk to the mewling bub.

Ken Irvine-Brown, Architectural Draftsman

ANYONE looking for an art class, look no further! Very practical and genuine approach!..(Most enjoyed) the opening communication …comments throughout; and feedback at the end are all encouraging and productive

Kathy, Engineer, Epping

It was absolutely necessary for anyone starting (painting)

Connie, Balmain

Thoroughly enjoy my time with the other students and the tutor. Time flies by!

Helen, Balmain

Encouraging and confidence building

David, Balmain (beginner)

Excellent! The whole structure of the class is fantastic. It’s like a master class with relevant input from the teacher who opens up your eyes to different artists and techniques. The best [teaching] I’ve had so far, by far. Informative, Structured and unstructured, educating us in all aspects of art

Karen, Long Reef

Excellent. The course has taken me to an unexpected level

Therese, Leichhardt

I feel I am progressing with my painting and have more direction now. If I could take full time classes… I would!

Kai, Glebe

Very Enjoyable Experience – helped me move forward

Catherine, Newtown

Loved your classes and you paced them really well. No info overload! Hopefully back next term.

Duncan, Finance, Balmain

Most enjoyed the introductions and inspirational talks and paintings…it was good to be able to experience different approaches

Margot, Doctor, Balmain

I have very fond memories of my time in Sydney and especially your art classes. Back in the UK now I have kept up with painting but it isn’t so easy without your expert help. I really did progress a lot though and want to thank you again for that. You are not only a great artist but a great teacher.

Heather, London, UK

This was exactly what I was after and more! Really love my Saturday Mornings.

Manisha, Balmain

Thanks for all your classes so far. I feel like I’m starting to make some progress.

Mel, Graphic Design and Social Media, Marrickville

I was reluctant to paint before I started and now I love it!

David, Balmain (Saturday Morning Landscape)

Loved every minute of the class. Very Happy

Anne, Swim Instructor, Drummoyne

Tutors were very well prepared with fabulous resources and well informed and generous in sharing their amazing experiences and knowledge

Joanne, Surry Hills

Other and anonymous feedback responses surveyed in Class

Most Useful: Experienced tutor – social class.
Most Useful: Mixing colours
Least Useful: Lack of time

Most Useful: Mixing colours
Least Useful: Lack of time

Most Useful: working on own projects but having the group talk before painting, based on varied aspects of art
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: Excellent

Most Useful: Time to paint and minimum instruction
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: Maybe [could use] an on-going painting demo 510 mins at start of each lesson
ACS Comment: Under consideration!

Most Useful: Gabrielle’s Experience and challenging us to “figure it out”- that we learn by trying to solve the problem our way
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: If only I had the brain cells to absorb it all!

Most Useful: Tutor support and Organised exercises eg tone/palette. Group discussions. Standard of other students, too
Least Liked: Nil
General Comments: Excellent

Most Useful: Experimenting
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: Helped me move forward

Most Useful: Very happy with teacher.Learning from other students
Least Liked: Have no negative comments
General Comments: Thoroughly enjoy my time

Most Useful: Critique done in class
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: Encouraging and confidence building

Most Useful: Teacher and the vast experience she has to offer
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: Can’t get enough of it, thanks

Most Useful: Innovation and my fellow students’ styles
Least Liked: Tonal Work. “Bad Hair” day!
General Comments: Rewarding. Pushes my boundaries

Most Useful: Tonal painting and colour mixing…supportive and the teaching
Least Liked: Nothing
General Comments: I found the class very challenging and very satisfying

Most Useful: Theory behind it was explained well.
Least Liked: I was sorry it had to end.
General Comments: I’m a new student but am pleased with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructor.

Most Useful: Initial overview of the lesson and the opportunity to clarify any issues.
Least Liked: Four hours went too quickly.
General Comments: An excellent foundation for future progress.

Most Useful: Everyone is encouraged as individuals.
Least Liked: Nothing!
General Comments: Gabrielle is a fantastic tutor.

Most Useful: The interactive aspect of the painting group.
Least Liked: Nothing! I keep coming back!
General Comments: Good venue, easy access, interesting area, plus great coffee down the road. The teacher is always attentive and enthusiastic.

Most Useful: Using different medium – tissue – to create a composition.
Least Liked: It was too short! I really enjoyed it. Would have been good to fit a group crit in at the end. [NB: Gabrielle says “I now do!”].
General Comments: excellent class and one you need to remember for all its aspects. My notes will be very important to me.

Most Useful: Resources/examples of other artists.
Least Liked: Nothing.
General Comments: Sound knowledge of techniques used. Gabrielle is particularly good at adapting to individual styles and allowing us to develop our own style.

Workshops Testimonials

Loved it, Thanks!

Kai, Glebe -Abstraction & Creativity One Day Workshop

I loved it – I’d like to do another

Alison, Doctor, Neutral Bay -Abstraction & Creativity One Day Workshop

A fun day! I’m sure everyone in the class felt the same. Time in class went by so fast. I feel the exercises will help me with future paintings. I was every happy with my work

Helen, Balmain -Abstraction & Creativity One Day Workshop

The tutor was very prepared and informative – a pleasure to be in the class!

Steve, Landscape Gardener, Canowindra -Abstraction & Creativity One Day Workshop

Practical, Informative yet encourages creative expression and presentation is very relevant to what’s happening in art now, as well as covering traditional techniques

Danielle, Graphic designer, Balmain

Excellent mix of theory, practice and room for experimentation.

Carolyn, Marketing, Thornleigh

Gabrielle is a great tutor-full of information. {I got } more than expected – excellent!”

Carol, Wangi Art Society, Nth Richmond

Great!… I loved it!

Heather, retired Trainer, Coal Point

It was a different approach to my usual style….Thoroughly enjoyed this.

Anne, Wangi Art Society

Great information and explanation for all levels. A great re-introduction to acrylics in simple terms

Julie, Birchgrove

Very Well prepared and Enthusiastic. Positive and encourages feedback.Got more than expected

Heather, Balmain

Great experience at Art Class Sydney. Got more than expected – Colour theory was excellent. Gabrielle is very approachable and hands on in assisting students

Geraldine, Teacher, Concord

So much to learn and explore! An encouraging and stimulating atmosphere

Katie, Birchgrove

I liked the comments about what works- all your experience summarised

Mandy, Russell Lea

Doing this workshop has made me happy

Ness, Balmain

Very well balanced, theoretical and practical approach

Kathy, Epping

I was very pleased with what I was able to achieve in Gabrielle’s masterclass at the Goulburn Regional Gallery. I wanted to tackle a new approach to landscape painting and Gabrielle gave me the confidence to do this. The class was well structured for the three hour period and I found Gabrielle to be a very clear communicator, moving us through various stages to achieve our various aims. She was also particularly helpful in palette selection

Marion, Canberra (ACT)

Thank you too for Saturday’s painting workshop at the Goulburn Art Gallery. It was much too short, of course but you made the best of the time available. I liked the way you reinforced the basic rules/concepts of effective painting, aided by examples of the work of published painters. I benefitted from the experience and look forward to future workshops in our area.
Blackheath landscape workshop

Merle, Flynn (ACT)

Everything was great… The drawing exercise was a good warm up and fun too, allowing the participants to get to know each other, especially the partners who were able to feel part of the group.

Mira, Abbotsford (NSW).

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the company of attendees

Naomi, Merewether Heights

Gabrielle’s workshop on Abstract Landscapes was wonderful. Gabrielle’s teaching was professional, structured and inspiring. Discussions around a range of artist’s techniques and their interpretation of the visual landscape provided a point of reference for us to experiment. For me, the workshop provided a new way of interpreting what I see and the start of new journey in my painting. ..loved it!

Debra, Chatswood (NSW)

Thank you so much for the workshop over the last 2 Sats, I really enjoyed it and I love your teaching style. I would love to do more classes with you.

Melissa, Interior Designer, Blackheath (NSW)

I have learnt a huge amount from the two workshops I have completed with Gabrielle. Gabrielle offers practical advice on colour theory, composition, brush work and the process of successfully translating ideas to the canvas. Gabrielle is an enthusiastic and down to earth teacher giving advice and constructive criticism when needed, but also the space to get on and experiment with my own ideas. I found her workshops to be informative and inspiring. I will definitely be attending more classes.

Anita, Willoughby (NSW)

I am interested in painting landscapes and developing my own painting style in acrylics and oils. I thoroughly enjoyed the short course I recently attended with Gabrielle Jones. I found Gabrielle to be a knowledgeable and approachable teacher. She was able to give me useful and perceptive advice on my technique, composition and use of colour. The class size was small and I received individual attention and constructive criticism during the day. Three classes were not enough so I have decided to enroll in six sessions next year!

Ella, Wahroonga (NSW)

In a short amount of time Gabrielle was able to encourage my ‘instinct’, and advance my knowledge of how a landscape should/could be. She opened my eyes to techniques and ideas I hadn’t contemplated, allowing me to refine and advance my style with extremely pleasing results.

Will, Mosman (NSW)

Thank you Gabrielle for all your fabulous workshops, I look forward to learning more under your generous guidance. Gabrielle’s workshops are always full of both inspiration and knowledge as well as constructive critique and direction for your own work.

Galia, Ryde (NSW)

I attended two landscape workshops held by Gabrielle Jones in January 2010… After discussing some basic landscape concepts, I was most impressed with the way in which she introduced the plan for the workshop -an unusual exercise. I found it a very useful approach especially as I wished to paint in a more abstract style if possible. The rest of the workshop from sketching in the Park through to the execution of the painting was fun and informative with lots of guidance along the way and I felt I learned so much in a very relaxed atmosphere. I would certainly like to do another workshop with Gabrielle later on.

Jan, Birchgrove (NSW)

Anonymous feedback forms for the Workshops

Most useful: Individual tutoring with lessons on different aspects.
Least Useful: N/A

Most Useful: Mixing colours
Least Useful: Lack of time

Most Useful: Structured lesson notes, level of tutor one to one attention; tutor very approachable
least Useful: I am a total beginner and it’s challenging to try to keep up with more experienced students. Also,…packing up at the end of the class!
General comments: More challenging than I expected but I’m looking forward to improving with time

Least Useful: Lack of time
Mostr Useful: Attempting different works, learning about colour

Most Useful: encouragement and support!

Most useful: I like being able to bring in own projects in the last weeks
Most Useful: Supportive, constructive and caring criticism
Most Useful: Learnt a lot from what I knew previously
Least Useful: No such thing!

Most Useful: Daily exercises then moving into painting

Most Useful: Feedback
Least Liked: Maybe repetition of previous classes

Most useful: Composition, Artists’ practice and techniques.
Suggestion for improvement: Not long enough.

Most Useful: Lots of good basic information; lots of examples to give inspiration.
Least Liked:
General Comments: Kept overchatty students in line.

Most Useful: Creativity Exercises and learning how to turn exercises and thumbnails into future paintings

Most Useful: Experimenting, Informative, Seeing things from a different viewpoint

Most Useful: Use a variety of materials encouraged to be bold/take chances/have fun
Least Liked: Nil!
General Comments: Great knowledge of material and medium and great use of examples etc! I loved it!

Most Useful: I liked the variety of activities and how useful and constructive the advice was
Least Liked: A bit too short in time for some areas
General Comments: Loved it. Would love to do more!!

Most Useful: Solid instruction
Least Liked: Bit rushed
General Comments: Fabulous!

Most Useful: The vast experience of Gabrielle that she is willing to generously share with us.
Least Liked: Not enough time!
General Comments: Loved working with the other participants.

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